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Area Overview

Munich and the greater metropolitan area rank as one of Europe’s most dynamic and prosperous business regions. The city is located in southern Germany and serves as the capital of the state of Bavaria. The city is world famous not only for its Oktoberfest, but for its strong economic development, backed by a number of corporates like BMW, Knorr-Bremse, Osram and Siemens. Overall, Munich’s economic base is solidly diversified. A very strong service sector (including a strong consulting cluster) is the base for growth in Munich, backed by a dynamic trade, transport and tourism industry and the growing media and IT sector. The high-tech industry – automotive, aerospace and information and communication technology – play a significant role in the region. Moreover, Munich is a leading location for biotech, medical engineering and environmental technology. A variety of Europe’s elite universities and famous cultural institutions are located in Munich. Its proximity to the Alps, Italy and Austria makes Munich one of the most desirable city in which to live in Germany. Munich is home to some 1.4 million inhabitants, making it the third largest city in Germany after Berlin and Hamburg. Currently some 5.8 million people live in the Munich metropolitan area. Not only because of the Oktoberfest, Munich is a top destination for visitors from all over the world. More than 6 million people visit Munich every year.



Munich is persistently one of the most sought-after office locations in Europe. With its office stock of some 20.5 million sq.m Munich is the largest market in Germany and the third largest in Europe only outperformed by Paris and London. For many years, Munich recorded the highest office letting volumes in the country. As in the other top-5 German office markets, Munich recorded very high market activity in 2015. A number of major deals, but also healthy levels of demand in the small and medium-sized segment contributed to this very good result. With take up soaring and completion figures remaining on a comparatively moderate level, office vacancy continued to decrease. This trend is expected to hold firm in 2016 as completion levels are forecast to remain moderate and take up is set to hold firm. Munich’s prime office rent edged up over 2015. As office supply in Munich’s CBD remains scarce, a further rise in prime rental levels is expected in the months to come. Average rents across Munich’s office submarkets – most of all in the CBD – are moving upwards. Munich’s most favored office submarkets are CBD, City Fringe, Parkstadt Schwabing and Westend. Munich International Airport’s dynamic development also works in favor for many new office locations in Munich’s North.


Munich is the top destination for retail in Germany. The shopping clientele in Munich and in the greater region – especially in smaller communities around the region’s lakes – is explicitly affluent. For Munich, a purchasing power index of 132.8 is recorded. Going into detail, the turnover index is at countrywide unmatched 144.2. The latter is driven by Munich’s very attractive retail landscape – a strong pull factor for shoppers from around the globe. The focus is clearly on innercity shopping as shoppers value the historic scene, the numerous pedestrianized streets and all over very relaxed atmosphere. An attractive mix of local and international brands, including all luxury brands, plus Munich’s historical CBD make Munich the number one target for shoppers and national and international retailers in Germany. Munich’s Maximilianstraße is home to the world’s luxury brands. In adjacent Weinstraße, Theatinerstraße and Rosenstraße international operating retailers cater for the upscale shopper. Rent levels recorded in Munich’s Kaufingerstraße and Neuhauserstraße are unmatched across Germany. These highly frequented retail stretches target the mid-market segment. Albeit Munich’s CBD clearly is the most important shopping destination within the city boundaries, the Bavarian capital has a number of very attractive and well-functioning retail locations outside the CBD, e.g. in Schwabing and Haidhausen. Munich has a well-established shopping center landscape including Fünf Höfe in the CBD. Major shopping centers outside the CBD are Olympia shopping center, Riem-Arcaden and PEP.


Munich’s strong hinterland and its proximity to Europe’s developing markets to the East, make Munich an ideal location for logistics. The region has an excellent road system, superb rail links and Munich International Airport. The latter was ranked as “Best Airport in the World 2015” by well-known US travel journal “Premier Traveler”. Some 41 million travelers passed through Munich Airport and 336,162 tons cargo where handled. A clear sign for Munich’s importance as logistics hub. However, the industrial market is not as dynamic in Munich as it is in other German cities due to limited supply. The overall constraint supply situation has pushed logistics rents up in the past years. In general, the highest rents in Germany are achieved in the Munich market.


The Bavarian capital is traditionally one of Germany’s most active and most sought after investment markets in the country. National and international investors value the region’s outstanding economic performance and stability, plus the promising forecasts for the region’s future. Investment volumes are generally among the highest in Germany and prime yields across all segments the lowest. Munich’s investment volume soared in 2015 across all segments and sizes and was at par with that of Frankfurt. Only in Berlin was investment volume noticeably higher in 2015.

Avison Young in Munich

Avison Young opened its Munich office in January 2015. The Munich office offers our clients direct access to the German real estate market and a network of other Avison Young markets in Canada, the U.S., and the U.K. The team around Managing Director Markus Bruckner provides global clients with solutions for their investment and space requirements.

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